The List of Hashes

The hashes Priority Male has done

Hash Number Type Location Description Date City
208 Traditional South Bend Tavern Belated Earth Day 2021/05/02 (Sun) Columbus
207 Traditional Combustion Brewing Cowtown’s 23rd Anal 2021/04/10 (Sat) Pickerington
199 Traditional Red Bank Boat Launch Red Rum, White Claw, and Blue Gill 2020/07/04 (Sat) Westerville
195 Traditional Goodwill Earth Day 2020/04/25 (Sat) Columbus
191 Traditional O’Malley’s Lounge π Day (that wasn’t on π day) 2020/03/15 (Sun) Columbus
184 Traditional Hop Yard 62 Salt Cracking Open The New Year 2020/01/04 (Sat) Grove City
180 Traditional Land-Grant Brewing Co Veteran’s Day 2019/11/10 (Sun) Columbus
160 Traditional Zuey’s Roundback Bar ??? 2019/05/31 (Fri) Columbus
159 Traditional The Depot Tavern 12th Anal Memorial Day Trail 2019/05/26 (Sun) Powell
155 Traditional Southbend Tavern Earth Day 2019/04/14 (Sun) Columbus
151 Traditional Oldfield’s North Fourth Tavern Akron Auxiliary 2019/03/01 (Fri) Columbus
148 Traditional Rafter’s Beer Pub Groundhog Day 2019/02/02 (Sat) Columbus
146 Traditional Tip Top Good Will Running 2019/01/19 (Sat) Columbus
145 Traditional The Crest Time Warp Trail 2019/01/05 (Sat) Columbus
141 Traditional Barley Hopsters Drink the Kool-Aid 2018/11/18 (Sun) Delaware
139 Traditional Wingate Hotel Akron Boobie Hash 2018/10/26 (Fri) Streetsboro
138 Traditional Library Bar Halloweekend Pub Crawl 2018/10/25 (Thu) Columbus
132 Traditional Ledo’s Priority Male Revue 2018/09/02 (Sun) Columbus
129 Traditional Bottoms Up Friyay! 2018/07/27 (Fri) Columbus
128 Traditional Firehouse Tavern Get Nutted In Sunbury! 2018/07/22 (Sun) Sunbury
120 Traditional Baymont Inn Rickenbacker Cow Tipping Weekend Fat Boy 2018/04/29 (Sun) Lockbourne
118 Traditional Baymont Inn Rickenbacker Cow Tipping Weekend Trail 2018/04/28 (Sat) Lockbourne
119 Traditional Baymont Inn Rickenbacker Cow Tipping Weekend Mystery Trail 2018/04/28 (Sat) Lockbourne
117 Traditional Baymont Inn Rickenbacker Cow Tipping Weekend Beer Mile 2018/04/28 (Sat) Lockbourne
116 Traditional Baymont Inn Rickenbacker Cow Tipping Weekend Pub Crawl 2018/04/27 (Fri) Lockbourne
113 Traditional Hash House Near Miss 2018/03/23 (Fri) Columbus
100 Traditional Gresso’s Renegade #100! 2017/11/11 (Sat) Columbus
98 Traditional Meister’s Bar Halloweekend Pub Crawl 2017/10/26 (Thu) Columbus
95 Traditional Gibby’s Eatery and Sports Bar ??? 2017/09/29 (Fri) Circleville
80 Traditional Murphy McFlip’s Dayton Invades Renegade 2017/05/13 (Sat) Columbus
71 Traditional Old North Arcade The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors 2017/03/24 (Fri) Columbus
60 Traditional Hash House Corn Nuts Trail 2016/11/05 (Sat) Columbus
58 Traditional Murphy McFlips Halloweekend Pub Crawl 2016/10/27 (Thu) Columbus
47 Traditional Harry Buffalo Lick Her Aguan’s Sayonara Trail 2016/07/31 (Sun) Westerville
25 Traditional Super 8 Akron Boobie Hash 2015/10/30 (Fri) Medina
24 Traditional Dimarco’s Halloweekend Pub Crawl 2015/10/29 (Thu) Columbus
23 Traditional Sports On Tap Longerbone’s Virgin Lay 2015/10/02 (Fri) Hilliard
19 Traditional Miller’s Columbus Ale House Daddy’s Sayonara Choo-Choo Trail 2015/08/27 (Thu) Columbus