The List of Hashes

The hashes Blue Lip Special has done

Hash Number Type Location Description Date City
194 Traditional Northmoor Park Coronafuckus (little did we know) 2020/04/11 (Sat) Columbus
192 Traditional Tuttle Rec Center No Licking 2020/03/28 (Sat) Columbus
159 Traditional The Depot Tavern 12th Anal Memorial Day Trail 2019/05/26 (Sun) Powell
144 Traditional Hash House Christmas Party 2018/12/15 (Sat) Delaware
141 Traditional Barley Hopsters Drink the Kool-Aid 2018/11/18 (Sun) Delaware
133 Traditional Level One Bar + Arcade Video Game Fun 2018/09/15 (Sat) Columbus
127 Traditional Hash House Fireworks, offspring, alcohol, and bad decisions 2018/07/07 (Sat) Delaware
124 Traditional Largo’s Pub 11th Anal Memorial Day Trail 2018/05/26 (Sat) Shawnee Hills
105 Traditional Hash House New Year’s Eve 2017/12/31 (Sun) Delaware
104 Traditional Hash House Christmas Party 2017/12/16 (Sat) Delaware
81 Traditional Barley Hopsters 10th Anal Memorial Day Trail 2017/05/27 (Sat) Delaware
74 Traditional Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Tipping On Ahead 2017/04/14 (Fri) Dublin
69 Traditional Brewdog DogTap Brewdog Grand Opening 2017/03/04 (Sat) Canal Winchester
67 Traditional Lineage Brewing Immaculate’s Whim 2017/02/18 (Sat) Columbus
66 Traditional Sideswipe Brewing 75rh Anal of Gispert’s Death 2017/02/11 (Sat) Columbus
63 Traditional Hash House New Year’s Eve 2016/12/31 (Sat) Delaware
60 Traditional Hash House Corn Nuts Trail 2016/11/05 (Sat) Columbus
56 Traditional Donerick’s Pub Dancing Fool’s Surprise 2016/10/16 (Sun) Columbus
47 Traditional Harry Buffalo Lick Her Aguan’s Sayonara Trail 2016/07/31 (Sun) Westerville
28 Traditional Hash House New Year’s Eve 2015/12/31 (Thu) Delaware
27 Traditional Hash House Christmas Party 2015/12/19 (Sat) Delaware
11 Traditional Ohio Railway Museum Railway Museum Hash 2015/05/31 (Sun) Worthington
7 Traditional Brazenhead Irish Pub Nightmare Before Christmas 2014/12/20 (Sat) Dublin
3 Traditional Hash House World Peace Through Beer 2014/10/24 (Fri) Columbus
1 Traditional Hash House Demolition Derby 2014/09/20 (Sat) Delaware